Annesbrook Leadership College, Nelson, NZ

Simon Terrill, Academic Dean

It is a great privilege for me to be working for ALC.

I would never have imagined what God had in store for me when I left a banking career to study theology.  After graduating with a B.Th degree from Bishopdale Theological College (BTC) in 2012, I joined the ALC staff in a part-time capacity.  As the college has grown my position developed into the full-time role I currently hold as Academic Dean.  This involves lecturing, overseeing curriculum development and delivery, and other administrative responsibilities. I also work part-time as a musician and tutoring for BTC.

Having grown up as a Pastor’s kid and being involved in various areas of church life, my passion is to see people grow into maturity and wisdom by providing Biblical inspiration for Christ-like transformation.

Simon Terrill, Academic Dean

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