Annesbrook Leadership College, Nelson, NZ

Robin (CEO/Dean) and Cheryll (Dean of Students)Davis

The path to ministry with ALC has been quite long and quite convoluted for Robin and Cheryll.

Robin, born in Dunedin but raised in Nelson, was called to Pastoral Ministry in 1974. He completed training at Atlanta Christian College (now Point University) in East Point Georgia, USA, graduating with a B.A. in Christian Ministry in 1978. After returning to New Zealand he served at the Spring Grove Church of Christ near Nelson until 1989 then moved to Southland for a three year period and served in a Presbyterian Parish near Gore until 1992. Robin and Cheryll were married during this period and returned to Nelson in 1993.

The next 16 or so years were a spiritual wilderness and Robin worked in Real Estate for a period and then entered Cheryll's hair salon business. Robin and Cheryll embarked on a business development plan called "E-Myth Mastery", a three year, coached, blended learning experience. There was really no room for God in their world. However, it became clear Robin and Cheryll were still in God's world even if He was not in theirs. Through a series of loving Christian relationships and accepting and forgiving leadership at Annesbrook Church, Cheryll was drawn back into fellowship and after about three years Robin was also drawn back in but with considerable caution. The relationship with God was restored but Robin remained cynical and insulated. Through a remarkable series of small events in 2011 a life change occurred.

Influences came into their lives to build on an already positive fellowship in a Life-group. 2011 was a whirlwind of leaps in new directions - directions which ultimately drew Robin and Cheryll into ministry with ALC as Deans and with Robin as the principle lecturer from 2012. Commitment to the ALC ministry and the wonder as to how it happened have never diminished.

Cheryll has a brother with his wife and three children and her parents in Brisbane, Australia, a sister in Whitianga New Zealand and a niece studying at Massey University Albany campus. Robin has a son with his wife and three children in Richmond, Nelson and a son and daughter-in-law in South Carolina, USA. Robin's mother also lives in Richmond, Nelson.

Robin and Cheryll Davis, Deans of CollegeĀ 

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