Annesbrook Leadership College, Nelson, NZ


Meet the Annesbrook Leadership College Staff

ALC staff members are collectively and individually totally committed to the vision and culture of the College, to the relationship we enjoy with our partners NMIT and to the growth and well-being of the Students who trust us with their development.

Pastors Brent and Viv Liebezeit Senior Pastors/ Trust Chair
Robin and Cheryll Davis College Deans
Simon Terrill Academic Dean
Donna Connell Internship Manager


The years of experience in learning, leadership and service in both Church ministry and business environments totals, collectively, about 150 years. That represents an enormous amount of accumulated understanding, care, wisdom and insight in life experience across the board!

The work and dedication of the staff represented here is augmented by other experienced teachers and also by the professional ministry team within the Annesbrook Church.

We are serious about equipping our students for ministry, community service or further education!

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