Annesbrook Leadership College, Nelson, NZ


Internships at level 4:

Serving an internship in a church or non-profit organisation lets you apply the theory from the classroom into real life situations.

Here are just a few reasons why an Internship is an investment in your future:

* Transferable skills that you can use in any career and throughout life
* Real world experience in live work placements
* Full training and support provided every step of the way
* Explore a career path 
* Network with professionals

You will not only have hands on experience in a safe and supportive environment, but you will be guided and mentored every step of the way as you develop as a leader. The skills you will learn while carrying out your internship will be valuable not only while you are studying, but will be the building blocks for your future.

Internships at level 5: 

Students who are enrolled on the level 5 programme will be engaged at a higher level in their second year. We are all called to be leaders, whether it’s at home, in the workplace or in church. The practical internship will equip and empower you to grow existing skills and talents from year one, and develop new emerging skills. Level 5 internships will give you the opportunity to stretch yourself as you achieve new goals in your practical placement.

Practical Ministry at level 6:  

A diploma at level 6 qualifies individuals with theoretical and/or technical knowledge and skills in specialised/strategic contexts. A graduate of a level 6 diploma programme is able to:

  • demonstrate specialised technical or theoretical knowledge with depth in a field of work or study
  • analyse and generate solutions to familiar and unfamiliar problems
  • select and apply a range of standard and non-standard processes relevant to the field of work or study
  • demonstrate complete self-management of learning and performance within dynamic contexts
  • demonstrate responsibility for leadership within dynamic contexts.

At this level (6), students will serve their practical hours in key leadership roles within their church or not-for-profit organisation.