Annesbrook Leadership College, Nelson, NZ

NZ Certificate in Christian Ministries (Level 4) – Internship

 “Annesbrook Leadership College (trading as ALC) is accredited to provide the New Zealand Certificate in Christian Ministry (Level 4) with strand in Internship [Programme Number 122312] by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under section 250 of the Education Act 1989.”

Student funding is available for this course in joint venture with NMIT

CHM401 Leadership Foundations (semester 1)

Level 4, 15 Credits


This course provides a foundational understanding of Biblical leadership and its core elements, plus an understanding of the difference between Biblical leadership and leadership in other contexts. This course will enable you to consider your unique call and prepare you for faithful and Spirit empowered leadership that can be applied in a range of  employment areas.

  • Leadership Foundations
  • Communications

CHM402 Personal Spiritual Disciplines (semester 1)

Level 4, 15 Credits


The student will understand what is meant by “Discipleship” and the context in which it happens, develop personal spiritual disciplines and apply this knowledge in progressing to a life of Spiritual Growth. Students will learn to differentiate between corporate Church practices and personal self monitored Discipleship.

CHM403 Worldview Foundations (semester 2)

Level 4, 15 Credits


The student will be credited with the ability to describe the development of Christianity and other religions in Bible times, looking at its impact on our current worldview, on that of the early Church, and how it shapes our ethics.

  • Worldview
  • Church History (1st 500 years)

CHM404 Narrative Theology (full year)

Level 4, 15 Credits


Students will be introduced to the narratives of the Bible and examine the way in which these formulate the basis for a contemporary Christian worldview. Students will be encouraged to view the Biblical Narratives as an overall story to understand the theological restorative plan of God revealed in the Bible.

  • Old Testament
  • New Testament

CHM405 Practical Internship (full year)

Level 4, 60 Credits


The Practical Internship provides the essential strand of the course.  The programme provides an opportunity for students to select and apply a range of standard and non-standard processes relevant to the field of work and study.  Students are placed in a Church or not-for-profit charitable organisation and partnered with professional placement oversight. The development of each student is to be intentional, consistent and measured.


Programme length:

                                    Total weeks              48 (including holiday weeks)

                                    Teaching weeks        42 (excluding holiday weeks)

Average hours per week:

                                    Teaching                 19.05 (including internship and face to face)

                                    Self-directed study   9.52

                                    Total per week         28.57

                                    Total Hours             1199.94



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