Annesbrook Leadership College, Nelson, NZ

Single course options


Single course options available on campus or distance learning:


Single course options

  • Select a course subject from Leadership, Spiritual Growth or Worldview
  • E-mail to register your interest
  • Distance learning is carried out via Zoom Conferencing (free to download)
  • You will not be required to complete assignments or internship hours and no certificate will be awarded
  • No references or other documentation is required
  • Cost of each course is $500 inclusive of GST and application fee.



This course provides a foundational understanding of Biblical leadership and its core elements, plus an understanding of the difference between Biblical leadership and leadership in other contexts. This course will enable you to consider your unique call and prepare you for faithful and Spirit empowered leadership that can be applied in a range of  employment areas.

  • Leadership Foundations
  • Communications

Spiritual Growth:

The student will understand what is meant by “Discipleship” and the context in which it happens, develop personal spiritual disciplines and apply this knowledge in progressing to a life of Spiritual Growth. Students will learn to differentiate between corporate Church practices and personal self monitored Discipleship.


The student will be credited with the ability to describe the development of Christianity and other religions in Bible times, looking at its impact on our current worldview, on that of the early Church, and how it shapes our ethics.

  • Worldview
  • Church History (1st 500 years)