Annesbrook Leadership College, Nelson, NZ

2020 Academic Calendar

2020 Academic Calendar, levels 4 and 5


Semester one

Semester two


Note: Attendance is mandatory

Christchurch/Timaru         February 4 in Christchurch Nelson                                February 5, Nelson Campus


Term 1 dates

February 10 – April 10


Term 2 dates

April 28 – July 3


First semester Courses

Certificate: Leadership Foundations, Personal Spiritual Disciplines                       Diploma: Leadership, Spiritual Growth                              Practical Internship both programmes full year


Term 3 dates


July 20 – September 25

Term 4 dates


October 12 – December 4

Assignment Dates

Advised in Student Manuals/Moodle (Students must be familiar with these dates)

Internship Reports (Placement Managers)

Check Student Handbook and Moodle. Dates subject to change but are normally due one week before term ends

Placement Manager Final Report

Final term of students’ study

Second semester Courses


Certificate: Worldview, Narrative Theology                                            Diploma: Theology, Biblical Interpretation

Level six term/course dates as above

First semester courses (level six)

NZDCS6: Biblical Interpretation, Christian Ethics,


Second semester courses (level six)

Full Year: Ministry internship/practical

NZDCS6: World Religions and the Christian Worldview, Ministry Leadership and Management.

Final Application Dates: All Programmes  

July 18, 2020 for second semester 2020 continuing first semester 2021

January 29, 2021 for full year 2021



(Nelson) Sunday December 13, 2020 (Regions follow throughout the next week)


Internship 3

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