Annesbrook Leadership College, Nelson, NZ

2018 Academic Calendar Levels 4 and 5



Semester one
Semester two

Orientation retreat/NMIT visit

January 30, 31


Term 1 dates

February 5 – April 13


Term 2 dates

April 30 – July 6


First semester Courses

Certificate: Leadership Foundations, Personal Spiritual Disciplines, Narrative Theology

Diploma: Leadership and Spiritual Growth

Practical Internship both programmes full year


Term 3 dates


July 23 – September 28

Term 4 dates


October 15 – December 7

Assignment Dates

Advised in Student Manuals

Internship reports (Placement Managers)

Final week of each term

Final week of each term

Internship final report

Final term of students’ study

Second semester Courses

Certificate: Worldview, Narrative Theology, Church History (elective)

Diploma: Theology, Biblical Interpretation


All level six information will be added in due course

Final Application Dates (all National Qualification students)

July 6, for second semester 2018

January 11, 2019 for 2019 first Semester

ALC qualifications (non-accredited)


January 19, 2018 for first semester 2018



Sunday December 9, 2018 (Nelson)

Monday December 10, (Christchurch)

Other regions TBA















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